the songs sung by Idol groups are diverse and plentiful. This is a page to keep track of all these songs, and also gives information on the group, the singers, and the popularity of the song.

Current Songs

These songs are still actively preformed by one or more Idol Groups, and have been for at least two months.

New Black Gold (Cover, Original by Miracle of Sound)

  • Writers: Miracle of Sound
  • Performers: SpaceAGE
  • Date released: October 8, 2015 (Cover version), June 20, 2012 (Original by Miracle of Sound)
  • Album: Level 4 (Original), Single (Cover)
  • Reception: Oricon Singles Chart- Top 20 Pop Songs
  • Awards:
  • Remixes:


  • Writers: Matsui Hengli
  • Performers: xdc
  • Date released: March 7th 2015
  • Album: Monolith City, Single planned for release
  • Reception: 31 on Oricon top 50 singles
  • Awards: None yet, though it is being considered for several Awards
  • Remixes: None, though another unnamed idol groups is supposedly working on one

Past songs

These songs are no longer played on a regular basis, but can occasionally be heard at reunions, or other special events

Songs in Progress

These songs are currently in progress, and are expected to be released by one or more idol group within two months