Welcome to Neon Idol Academy!

When you pass the entrance auditions of this wonderful academy you will receive your very own school 'ENSEMBLES' also known as costumes, to mark your debut as a professional idol. Ensembles are also divided into numerous categories depending on your preferred brand and idol status.

School Ensembles

As mentioned above, you will get a School Ensemble when you pass your entrance auditions by your Headmistress. These ensembles are brandless.

A color scheme is added to represent different idol types:

  • Angel Type - Pink
  • Cool Type - Blue
  • Devil Type - Purple
  • Rainbow Type - Orange
  • Royal Type - Red
  • Jester Type - Green

Standard Ensembles

Standard ones are any ensembles from a specific Brand supplier which does not contain much design work. This is very common to find for idols as they request the ensembles as an online order by the school.

Premium Ensembles

Again, Premium Ensembles are from an idols preferred Brand however these are difficult to lay hands on as they rare. The same method is used as the Standard to request an ensemble.

Limited Ensembles

These are once-made only ensembles, Limited Ensembles are designed by the Top Designers of a Brand supplier under request of an idol, which designed until the idol impresses

Unbranded Ensembles

These are also pretty rare to encounter as the idols create these ensembles by themselves, hence Unbranded. Unbranded Ensembles are worn by Idol Units in Neon Academy.

Brand Collaboration Ensembles

Brand Collaboration Ensembles are super rare to stumble upon as only  top idol units are allowed to request this type of  ensemble from both parties favorite Brands. Top Designers from both Brands work together to form a new masterpiece of the year.