Miraiboshi Akuma
Akuma official2
Kanji 未来星 悪魔
Romaji Miraiboshi Akuma
Age 32
Gender Male
Birthday June 6
Occupation Dance Instructor
Former Idol
Blood Type B
Height 180 cm
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Favorite Brand Devil's Flare
Idol Type Devil
Artist MotTowers

Miraiboshi Akuma, known as Akuma-sensei, Oni-sensei, or Miraiboshi-sensei, is a dance instructor at Neon Academy. He was an idol during his youth.


Akuma comes from a Samurai family that has lived in Osaka for centuries. Despite this, at a young age, he had acquired a strong interest in dancing and eventually attended the now-defunct Osaka Dance Academy when he was 15. He graduated at the top of his class and eventually became an idol when he was 20. 

Idol Days

As an idol, Akuma performed both solo and with a partner. During the Osaka Idol Festival, he met his future unit partner Reina, who was also an idol. During Akuma's performance, Reina saw his dancing power and admired it. When it came her time to perform, he listened to sweet but powerful voice. It did not occur to that he would be noticed but then Reina call him up to the stage in the middle of her concert and asked him to join her. Although he was in shock he went up and danced his heart out. After the performance, they decided to form an idol unit together. The soon-to-be legendary unit was known as Heaven & Hell. They wore the Heavenly Archdemon Brand Collab Ensemble. His stage name was Tsukuyomi. 

Teaching Career

After Akuma & Reina decided that in order pursue more dreams, they would have to split, they did so. Akuma became a dance instructor at Neon Academy after being requested by the headmistress, who was also a fomer idol who saw his talent in teaching. 


Despite his name, Akuma's personality is nothing like a demon. He is actually quite caring for his students and fellow staff members. He also has a great sense of humor that is known to both his fellow staff and his students. Although he does get really annoyed when they call him "Oni-sensei". Akuma is quite outgoing but can also be reserved at times. 


Same goes for his appearance; he looks nothing like a demon. He's rather handsome and has a kind face to go along with his personality. His contradictory appearance and name is what made him so popular as an idol, both by himself using his real name, or in a unit, using his stage name. 

Miraiboshi has tan, messy hair with two ends sticking out. He also as lighting shaped hair that falls in front of his head. His eyebrows are also shaped like lighting bolts. One of his eyebrows has a scar through it. Akuma typically wears a tracksuit his the school colors. His eyes are grey colored. He also has some facial hair including a rough mustache and a goatee.